10 Best Money Counters For Business In All Price Ranges

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Every business either a little clientele or a big party that deals with big sums of money needs money counters. These investments can save tons of fourth dimension, and many times huge amounts of money. Counting money by hand seems like a difficult tax. The two big issues while counting money without machines will be remembering the act every time, and distinguishing between genuine and forge. You can ’ t do that easily, international relations and security network ’ t it so ? then if you are a business and you have to deal with a lot of money, you need the best money counters for clientele to swiftly and properly count or sort banknotes or coins Depending on all the needs of businesses, we have picked the money counting machines which are not fast, but durable and low-cost for all businesses.

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Cassida 6600 UV Fastest low-cost money counter It ’ s the best money antagonistic for business. It ’ mho fast, low-cost, durable, and highly accurate.

The count rate is 1400 a minute. Choice of all the modest businesses .Buy Now Though it ’ s not recommended to save bucks on such machines where money is involved. If you are under budget then we have picked the best bum money counters. And for established businesses, and banks, we besides chose some tested expensive money counters. here are what these 10 best money counters will bring improvements in your business. A money counting car can bring a newly efficiency level to your cash-handling operation. The initiation in today ’ s money counting devices is great, from time-saving to precise counts and forge recognition. These machines are desirable for any newcomer or belittled occupation .

Image Product Detail Price
Cheapest Best money Counter ( Kolibri )
  • Count rate: 1500 Bills a minute
  • Weight: ‎9.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 7 inches
Affordable Bank-Grade Money Counter (MUNBYN) low-cost Bank-Grade Money Counter ( MUNBYN )
  • Multi-currency
  • 16.6 pounds
  • ‎14.17 x 11.81 x 11.42 inches Dimensions
Expensive money counter (Safescan) expensive money antagonistic ( Safescan )
  • Tested and verified by central banks
  • Tons of pre-installed currencies
  • counts 1200 bills a minute
  • Latest model with advanced features

You may have your workers spend a lot more time on other things by automating and streamlining the count of your bills. however, it would help determine which bill counting machine is ideal for your budget. And, with thus many options available nowadays, finding the appropriate best money counter for little businesses might take a long prison term. To assist you in making a more informed decision, we ’ ve compiled a number of some of the best circular counting machines at respective pricing points. here are the 10 best money counters for little businesses, boastfully companies, and banks .

Kolibri Money Counter Machine


  • Automatically reads
  • Sorting denominations is possible.
  • Pockets should be rejected.
  • Various modes
  • Defends against forgeries
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Inconsistent enough to endure a long time

This is one of the cheapest best money counters for little businesses. Say you need a money antagonistic for your laundry business or any other small commercial enterprise where you people normally pay in a dollar, this will make your day. here is what this modest money counting machine can do for you. Using UV grazing, the Kolibri Money Counter sum 1500 notes per hour and identifies one-half, chain, doubles, and forge bills. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you insert the bills correctly, the linear placard way will result in fewer jam, sparing you time and energy. The machine has auto-start, stop, and error-clearing capabilities. Batch manner allows you to count money in increments of 10, 20, 25, 50, or 100. This machine is suitable for retail establishments because of its linear bill way. Bear in mind that this brassy Kolibri money counter counts the phone number of bills, not their monetary measure. The money counter includes a annual guarantee, which besides will come in handy if your machine breaks down within the first class of buying. The guarantee gives you some peace of judgment, knowing that when something goes improper with your equipment soon after buying it, it may be repaired or replaced. If you have recently started your clientele, this fast money counting car is the finest option because it is the greatest in this price range and produces excellent results .

MUNBYN Bank Grade Money Counter Machine


  • Fashionable design
  • Operation is simple to use.
  • All sorts of money notes are supported (old & new)
  • The best brand
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  • This machine shows the Number of notes that are now shown.

Munbyn is here for you, a super-duper money-handling solution. Money management and monitoring have never been easier. modest businesses, banks, accelerator stations, police departments, restaurants, dealerships, school districts, wholesalers, and hospitals are best for all of them. When dealing with a big sum of cash, a bill counter machine varied appellation may help you total the count ’ s deserving that would save clock time and department of energy. For better money management, a money counter machine varied denomination gives a concise list comprising the Number of notes and their respect by Denom. For extra security and money track, the cash count machine identifies the consecutive Number for each match bill. The serial numbers of all currencies may check. At the erstwhile count, there were four unlike currencies with shuffle denominations. A push-down storage of blend USD, CAD, EUR, and MXN can count equitable once. In addition, a desegregate denominational money anticipate may hold up to 100 different currencies. USD, CAD, EUR, MXN, and GBP are included in our nonpayment currentness settings. If you require extra funds, contact us. All consecutive Numbers may be recognized evening though you are counting desegregate USD, EUR, CAD, and MXN denominations at the moment. Bill Recognition with Impact : The money counting machine can identify banknotes of versatile qualities, including brand fresh, used, slightly damaged, and slenderly torn notes. Despite the senesce bill, at least one of the 100-dollar denominations is visible .

GStar Money Counter

GStar Money Counter with UVMGIR Counterfeit Bill Detection Plus External Display

  • UV and magnetic sensors 
  • Robust construction
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Fast accuracy
  • Largely quiet


  • Smelling sometimes

The G-Star Technology is one of the cheapest money counters for belittled businesses that can count 1,000 dollars every minute for up to two hours straight. Thanks to UV and magnetic sensors that reduce noise, it besides functions quietly. The bills can load in any direction from the back of the machine. It is suitable for about all kinds of businesses. The brassy money counter brags a 1/100000 counterfeit placard recognition rate, giving you more exactness and a more authentic concluding count. When the machine hits a forge bill, it stops, and those bills aren ’ thymine added to the full. Thanks to the easy-to-read LED display ; you can easily read the total measure of banknotes in the smokestack. It ’ second worth noting that the machine doesn ’ triiodothyronine add up the total value of the bills you ’ ve loaded. Users say that this digital money counter that counts mix bills is agile, accurate, and effective in general. many reviewers believe that this cheap beak counting machine performs a bang-up speculate of detecting deceitful and bad bills and is identical beneficial in little businesses .

Promnico Money Counter Machine

Promnico Money Counter Machine

  • The product’s sensors consistently offer reliable data.
  • The product’s substance is quite durable.
  • The machine is simple to use and utilize.
  • This machine moves at a steady pace.


  • There is no other display on the machine

The Promnico Mixed Value Bill Counter makes count and categorizing money a breeze. This dependable high-speed count machine promptly provides accurate sorting and evaluation findings, saving you time and effort. Choose from assorted settings to sort, consider, and package banknotes in five of the earth ’ s most popular currencies. It is engineered with a mighty built-in counterfeit signal detection and alarm system for your fiscal protective covering. thus much More Than a regular Cash Counter It isn ’ t your typical cash anticipate. While much equipment can count the Number of banknotes you have, determining their worth fast is a different narrative. What distinguishes our business-ready machine is its capacity to count and total up the Number of bills – together at the lapp clock time. Consider the following scenario in real life : You empty your register to discover 30 twenty-dollar dollars, ten ten-dollar bills, 14 fifty-dollar bills, and two-hundred-dollar bills as a small company owner. The majority of money counters will spit out ’ 56 bills. ’ But that ’ s useless if you need to understand the accurate measure ! The Promnico bill counting machine will read the bills, determine their measure, and spew out ’ 56 bills – 1,600 dollars, ’ indicating the push-down list ’ s measure and value !

Cassida 5520 UV

Cassida 5520 UV - USA Money Counter with ValuCount, UVIR Counterfeit Detection

  • A variety of working modes
  • Sensors that are quick and accurate
  • Valuable feature 
  • Simple to use and operate


  • There aren’t any mixed bill mode jams regularly.

If you ’ re seeking a promptly and dependable count machine, the Cassida money anticipate might be worth a front.

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Users appreciate that it can determine the worth of bills in restaurants or hotels ; however, some complain that it frequently jams. This bill counter, which measures 15′′ ten 15′′ ten 12′′, can count up to 1300 bills every moment and includes ultraviolet and magnetic detectors for bill authentication equally well as infrared sensors for the quarter, double over, and chain currencies. The Cassida currency counters offer four separate operation modes : count, add, batches, and add + batch, equally well as a self-diagnostic mechanism and a convenient front cover in case of issues. The Cassida money counter is broadly praised for its accuracy and amphetamine ; however, It ’ s not a good machine for daily intemperate load. If you have to count a few times a week, then this mum machine is deserving investing in .

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TriGear Money Counter Machine

TriGear Money Counter Machine with UVMGIRMT Counterfeit

  • Various types of modes
  • Counterfeit detectors are simple to use
  • Quick and accurate
  • They are also inexpensive.


  • Reports of jamming on sometimes

If you have to count large quantities of cash regularly, you might like to test TriGear ’ second currency counter. Users adore the assorted modes ; however, others say it ’ s a little heavier than anticipated. This best money counting machine features an outside counterpunch sieve, counterfeit money signal detection, an incredibly simple and used Led index, and it can measure more than 1000 banknotes in a minute. It is 16.5 ten 10 x 13.5 inches and weighs 15.6 pounds. It is very utilitarian for any little business. Buyers are generally pleased with the performance and consumption of the TriGear bill counting machine. It is a heavy, hard manufactured counting machine-blown away by its preciseness and lastingness. This bill counter is simpleton to operate and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tied need to read the directions to work it out .

Cassida 6600 UV


  • UV/MG counterfeit detection is advantageous.
  • Stacker with a capacity of 300 lbs
  • Control panel with a touchscreen
  • TFT display of 2.8 inches
  • 1,400 bills per minute are counted
  • Various forms of operation


  • The readers are overly sensitive.

This fastest low-cost poster counter machine is ideal for modest businesses and sometimes established companies depending on their business needs. It can count money at a rate of 1,400 per minute. The multi-touch dialog box is designed to offer you a accomplished count composition and is incredibly user-friendly. It would help if you had an effective and dependable counter to help you manage your cash when running your commercial enterprise smoothly. You can besides change the machine ’ sulfur settings to add up the expenses. The machine is besides capable of handling 400 banknotes at once. The money counter besides has high-quality sensors. With all of these advantages, running your commercial enterprise will be a breeze. A broad compass of counterfeit money can be detected using ultraviolet ( UV and UV/MG versions ) and magnetism ( UV/MG model ) detectors. When counterfeit money is found, the 6600 stops counting and places the fishy bill in its stacker to be removed. The count begins when you press the world power button, and the counterfeit is mechanically deducted from the total .

DETECK Spark Bank Grade Money Counter Machine

DETECK Spark Bank Grade Money Counter Machine Mixed Denomination

  • Spend less time counting your money 
  • Protecting your company.
  • Convenient and simple to use
  • Quick and precise
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back


  • It may occasionally become stuck.

If you can afford to invest a little higher on a bank-grade money counter, then DT600 could be your choice. It ’ mho flying, durable, and accurate to the adjacent level. With such a high-capacity tray of 500 notes and a stack of 300 notes, the DETECK money counter can count from 800 to 1200 notes per minute. The multi-currency capability may count USD, CAD, MXN, EUR, and GBP values. It can even save serial numbers after every reckon to be saved and printed. It is best for any company or administration. 2 CIS, UV, electromagnetic, infrared, double notes, and size detection sensors are counterfeit detecting technology. It besides keeps track of suspect bill series numbers in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. DETECK is a family-owned business based in the United States that guarantees your complete satisfaction or your money back. It includes a specialize US-based corroborate team, a 1-year Standard Requirements • against defects ( +1-year rid elongation guarantee ), and lifelong technical school documentation .

CARNATION Mixed Denomination Bill Money Value Counter

CARNATION Mixed Denomination Bill Money Value Counter and Sorter CR1500 Bank Grade

  • Lightweight and compact 
  • It detects counterfeit and half-notes 
  • Variety of modes 
  • Appropriate for various currencies.


  • It doesn’t add up the totals

The CR1500 is another best money counterpunch for businesses that sorts banknotes by quantity and orientation, with a reject compartment for detected counterfeit bills. The rejection pocket allows the operator to keep counting money even if a counterfeit poster is discovered, whereas many other devices stop count when a counterfeit note is identified. It fits handily on a countertop, desk, or postpone for convenient access and uses for your function. The CR1500 can measure banknotes in four assorted currencies right out of the box : the US dollar, canadian dollar, Euro, and british Pound. The CR1500 can flush record each bill ’ s product code. The data can be saved and printed or converted to a CSV or Microsoft file for record-keeping purposes. It has functions for adding, batch, coverage, and printing. You can upgrade the broadcast via an SD card or USB port when information is updated. You will be required to sign upon delivery ascribable to the high price of this money anticipate .

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Safescan 2985-SXprom


  • Includes all other currencies’ categorized banknotes
  • Upward to 1.200 banknotes per minute may be counted.
  • Central banks have verified banknotes 100 percent of the time.
  • Acknowledges which currency is inserted instantly.
  • Individual pre-sets may be saved for even maximum comfort.


  • It has the potential to harm the currency because it moves too quickly.

Safescan 2985-SX is an expensive money counter best for companies and banks. The 2985-SX is designed for high-volume custom and is arrant for your administrative clientele that requires accurate bill verification and rapid, error-free count for respective currencies. save clock time and make administrative responsibilities more accomplishable. The Safescan 2985-SX is equipped with up-to-date engineering that enables you to count large amounts of blend banknotes in real-time. With the accident of a release, connect your Safescan 2985-SX to the accompanying Safescan Money Counting Software and save or export your counting findings. With professional-grade made by mixing count and forge identification, the Safescan 2985-SX is your ideal joyride for flying and effective Number, validation, and categorizing banknotes. It will valuation even the most sophisticate currencies, such as those inscribed on polymer, those with clear windows, and those whose denominations have about exchangeable measurements, thanks to its dual-pocket layout and CIS technologies. central banks around the world put the 2985-SX through extensive testing regularly, utilizing their most recent screen decks of very and counterfeit banknotes. The 2985-SX systematically passes these tests with flying colors, ensuring that it can faithfully distinguish between counterfeit and genuine banknotes with 100 percentage accuracy .

Money counter buying guide

Because a money counter is a device that can cost more money and cause problems if it doesn ’ thyroxine work correctly or isn ’ t accurate enough, it ’ sulfur important to consider respective aspects before purchasing one :

Detection of counterfeits

It would help if you used a money counter with an effective forge signal detection engineering to avoid receive or utilize forge banknotes. Some devices feature numerous sensors that detect counterfeit banknotes in a batch using UV, electromagnetic, and infrared sensors. If you want the best results, seek a counter with a rather low signal detection margin or erroneousness .

The rate of counting

If you work with many bills, this is the first thing you should look for. You will save more prison term and effort if the counter operates faster. Of path, you should opt for a known sword and a high-quality money counter with a low error rate and a fast count speed. The ideal money counter has a low err rate while counting at the fastest potential travel rapidly .

The ability

If you require a money counter that can count many banknotes in a one school term, get one that can process more bills. A few of the machines on our list are bank-grade counting machines that can keep traverse of multiple items .


To save clock time and reduce errors, choose a basic, user-friendly money counter that eliminates the need to fiddle with jumble and ambiguous settings when operating the machine .

The degree of noise

When dealing with a boastfully sum of money, it ’ south critical to stay focused on your employment regardless. Seek for a money counter that makes a minimum amount of noise so you can get on with your work without being interrupted .

Sorting, batching, and other options are available as well.

Some of the more expensive money counters include the ability to count the issue of bills in a batch and sort them by appellation, alignment, and face. There are devices on our checklist that can sort bills into custom-make batches according to the values you provide, making sorting and counting money even faster, regardless of whether you ’ rhenium working with varied appellation batches .

Final Verdict

Using a money counter could save a huge amount of time, attempt, physical labor, and money in the hanker term. By purchasing a high-quality money counter for business, such as one of the items on our number, you can ensure that you don ’ t make any mistakes while counting your company ’ south money and that you won ’ t have any difficulties with counterfeit notes. Any of our top options will make your life easier and free up time for you to concentrate on your work preferably than sorting and counting cash. share if it was useful !

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