Coin Master Village Price List 2021

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Coin Master Village Price List 2021. Moon Active has created Coin Master, a fun and engaging single-player plot. The goal of the game is to develop a village by spinning the slot machine and collecting enough coins to buy upgrades. The cost of each settlement is determined on your flush. The higher your grade, the more expensive it is to establish your village.

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so, to give you a better estimate of how a lot Coin Master Village costs in 2021, below is the Village Coin Master flat pricing number .

Coin Master Village Price List 2021

How many villages are in Coin Master ? There are  365 villages on Coin Master as of 2021 .
furthermore, constructing a village will cost you a lot of money. The initial village cost about 3 million coins to construct, and the monetary value of the subsequent villages will continue to rise. The price of the second Coin Master town is more over 5 million dollars, and after grade 74, it rises into the billions of dollars .
hera ’ s a dispatch number of Village Coin Master horizontal surface prices .

Level 1 – 65

Level Village Name Village Price
1 Lands of Vikings 3.1M
2 Ancient Egypt 5.2M
3 Snowy Alps 9.5M
4 Inca 13.2M
5 Far East 16.3M
6 Stone Age 17.4M
7 Sunny Hawaii 20.6M
8 Troy 25.8M
9 Africa 31.0M
10 Atlantis 34.8M
11 The Future 35.8M
12 Woodstock 37.4M
13 Arbain Nights 41.0M
14 Moon Landing 42.8M
15 Wild West 58.3M
16 Netherland 60.0M
17 Jungle 64.0M
18 Wonderland 67.2M
19 Miners 69.9M
20 The Arctic 60M
21 Apocalypse 61M
22 Candy Land 63.4M
23 Army Camp 64.2M
24 Halloween 67.3M
25 The tribe 66.6M
26 Australia 71M
27 Columbus 69.7M
28 Mexico 75.8M
29 Magical Forest 81M
30 India 85.7M
31 The 50’s 91.7M
32 Thailand 97.2M
33 Coin Manor 108.9M
34 Dragon Lair 115.2M
35 Greek Island 120.1M
36 LA dreams 126.3M
37 The Wizard 134M
38 Oil Tyrant 141.5M
39 La Familia 153.6M
40 Area 51 163.8M
41 Night of the dead 165.1M
42 Steampunk Land 174.6M
43 The Zoo 180.5M
44 Russia 192.3M
45 Musketeers 205M
46 Lady Bug 216.2M
47 Theme Park 229M
48 Tibet 251.5M
49 Hell 272.8M
50 Easter 279M
51 Japan 282.9M
52 Swamp 291M
53 Wizard of Oz 304M
54 Timbuktu 320.7M
55 Jurassic Ville 345.3M
56 Canada 348.1M
57 Mongolia 368.4M
58 Jacks Beanstalks 384.1M
59 Scotland 409.9M
60 Robin Hood 433.1M
61 Deep-Sea 453.3M
62 Don Quixote 483.4M
63 Colosseum 505.3M
64 Cat Castle 523M
65 Olympus 542.6M
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Level 66 – 150

Level 151 – 250

151 250

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Level 251 -365

251 365

Boom Villages in Coin Master

A regular village and a Boom level greenwich village are two different things .
Although boom-level villages are comparable to regular greenwich village levels, they differ in that they have more bonuses, such as chests and cards. In boom levels, the chance of getting a rare golden card from the chest is higher than in ordinary village levels.

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Boom Villages In Coin Master here are all the prices for 175 Coin Master boom villages :

Boom Village Level Name
5 Far east
7 Sunny Hawaii
10 Atlantis
13 Arabian nights
15 Wild west
17 Jungle
20 The arctic (Boom)
22 Candy land
27 Columbus (Big Boom)
30 India
34 Dragon Lair
35 greek island
37 the wizard
40 Area 51
45 Musketeers (Boom)
47 Theme park
49 Hell
50 Easter
51 Japan (Big Boom)
55 Jurassic ville
57 Mongolia

Boom Village 2 Before moving on to the next village level, it is recommended that you buy a distribute of chests and spend a draw of cash to gain valuable benefits like free positron emission tomography food, aureate cards, and free spins .
When visiting a boom greenwich village, players will want to stay a little longer than usual to see what drops they will receive .

Coin Master Village Price List 2021


1. How to reduce village cost in Coin Master?

Given the high cost of the Coin Master town, users will want to limit the issue of coins they spend. The Village Mania event is one of the most effective ways to do so .
In this event, there are two types of discounts. The first type provides you a 20 % discount rate on everything in the town, while the second type lone gives you a 65 percentage discount on the final rowing of items .
Village Mania Event

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2. How to calculate my village cost?

If you want to calculate the village ’ s measure, you need to multiply the cost of the last detail ’ s first star by 30 .
Calculate Cost In Coin Master

3. How to get free spins in Coin Master

There are several ways to get free spins and earn loose rewards.

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  • Free Spins daily update: The game updates free spins for Coin Master daily on their social media platforms. Follow the accounts of the game will be useful.
  • Gathering gifts: Players can sign up for email presents to get Coin Master spin links.
  • Reward calendar: There are many calendar-based rewards and events.
  • Inviting friends: You will get 40 free spins Coin Master for each successful friend invitation.
  • Completing village
  • Complete Card Sets
  • Daily bonus wheel
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