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possibly you found a jar of previous change in a dresser drawer, looked through it, and found yourself wondering if you ‘ve got something worthwhile hidden in there. Holding an old mint, like a 19171 penny, in your hand, you can envision it as a rare coin worth hundreds, or possibly evening thousands, of dollars. Your excitation promptly fades as you investigate the value of the mint, realizing that although it ‘s probably worth more than a individual penny, the 1917 penny is n’t closely adenine rare as you hoped.

Reading: Is a 1917 Penny Rare? Facts and Values | LoveToKnow

Behind the 1917 Penny’s Value

The prize of this historic penny depends on several factors :

  • Coin grade
  • Mint location
  • Rarity
  • Demand

actually, there are some Lincoln 1917 wheat pennies that ‘re worth hundreds, and flush thousands, of dollars. however, these coins are graded in the high 60s to 70, on a scale of 1-70. Most of the older coins that have been in circulation are graded at a 4, which is good, to 12, which is fine. A coin with a grade of 4 is heavily break, with the legend and design still visible. It may appear dull with lettering wear smooth and have faded areas. A grade 12 coin has strong, astute and defined details on the areas of the coin that are, or should be, raised.

Wholesale and Retail Value of a 1917 Penny

just like all collectibles, coins have a wholesale prize and a retail value. The sweeping is the price a mint dealer pays to buy a mint. Retail is the price the dealer charges when he sells the coin .
According to J.M. Bullion ‘s evaluations, the majority of 1917 pennies average wholesale worth ranges from approximately $ 0.30 in good condition, $ 0.50 to in fine condition, $ 4 in highly fine stipulate, and $ 10 if uncirculated. Lincoln penny ‘s from 1917 bearing a D or S crisscross can go for relatively higher prices, such as uncirculated D penny ‘s being deserving $ 50 and uncirculated S penny ‘s being worth $ 25, respectively .
however, these values do n’t take unique versions of these coins into account, and if you happen to have a misminted 1917 penny ( such as double over die, being off-center, or therefore on ) you ‘re in for a greater fiscal return than regularly minted ones. Take, for exemplify, pennies struck with defective planchets ; these coins can sell for anywhere between $ 4- $ 25 on average. additionally, those with duplicate die problems go for larger amounts, such as between $ 15- $ 100 .
These are a few 1917 pennies that ‘ve recently sold on eBay, and can paint a clear picture of what the on-line market is presently like for mint collectors and sellers concerned in these low-demand collectibles :

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  • Double Die Obverse Penny – Sold for $13.50
  • Lamination Error Penny – Sold for $25
  • Split Planchet Error D Penny – Sold for $59

The retail value of the coin, or trader pricing, although higher than the wholesale price, will vary based on the individual dealer and retailer. generally, coins that ‘re sold in conventional coin-oriented operations will have a retail monetary value that is three to four times the wholesale rate.

Determining the Value of a Coin

There are several methods you can use to determine the prize of an old coin, such as a 1917 penny, which includes things like checking out the market or turning to concrete price guides to instruct you through the cloudy earth of respect judgment. Use the succeed resources to find pennies worth money.

Online Auctions

Look on eBay to see the sell price of the same kind of coin that you ‘ve got in your collection. It ‘s important to check the completed auctions in the department called Coins and Paper Money. Find a coin that ‘s in the same condition as the one you have, and you ‘ll get an idea of the actual prices that the artifact is bringing when sold at auction.

Online Resources

assay for the prize of the coin on websites that report coin values. There are particular websites that provide sweeping and retail coin price, such as :

  • Best Coin – An excellent resource for amateur coin collectors, Best Coin provides valuable information on a number of topics of interest, including coin and currency values, grading information and charts, dealer directory, and links to other numismatic websites.
  • Professional Coin Grading Service – This company is a leading name in coin collecting and is considered the industry standard by many collectors for third party certification. The following are several of the additional services provided by PCGS: price guide, population report on each United States coin minted, coin prices realized at auctions, and dealer listing.
  • Coin Facts – This website provides detailed information on all of the coins minted in the United States.
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Price Guides

You can besides find the mint ‘s value by using a coin collector ‘s monetary value guide, which is available in bookstores, libraries, and on-line .
JP ‘s Corner offers the latest in coin collecting supplies and price guides including :

  • Whitman Red Book – A Guidebook of U.S. Coin: 7th Edition by Q. David Bowers, Jeff Garrett, and Kenneth Bressett
  • Whitman Red Book of United States Paper Money: 7th Edition by Arthur and Ira Friedburg

See a Penny, Pick It Up

When it comes to the thousands of 1917 pennies which were minted and put into circulation, their abundance means that you might not constantly think about picking one up when you see it. sure, their old age makes them feel valuable, but their real worth lies not in the pristine examples but in the curious ones. 1917 pennies might not become the shining centerpiece of your solicitation, but a misminted coin can bring you in a pretty odoriferous paycheck. then, the following time you spy a penny, it ‘s best to pick it up and see what prize you might ‘ve gotten.

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