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The BOG Relaunch — Everything you need to know.

The $ BOG nominal will relaunch in under 15 hours, here ’ s what you need to know to get up to speed with everything.

Reading: The BOG Relaunch — Everything you need to know. | by Bogged | Medium

What happened?
The old $ BOG nominal was exploited due to a defect in the staking dowry of the token contract, which allowed a hack to inflate the provide and dump the tokens on the market. This has been rectified in translation 2 of the $ BOG contract, and $ BOG and BogTools is ready to come back stronger than ever. We have completed an audit with a third party and will get extra audits done post-launch.

The Relaunch
The $ BOG token will be relaunched at 9PM UTC on June 1st 2021, in under 15 hours from this post going live. presently, tokens are being airdropped via the platform to pre-snapshot holders, and trade will be re-enabled at 9PM UTC. The interest in $ BOG is huge and we ’ re excited to continue to build $ BOG and the Bogged.Finance platform.

BOG will launch with the stick to tokenomics. Max Supply: 15,000,000
Circulating Supply: 13,300,000
Initial Launch Price: 145 BOG per BNB. narrow Address : 0xb09fe1613fe03e7361319d2a43edc17422f36b09 Transaction Fee: 5 % on trade merely. Transfers are free. BOG will launch approximately 70 % below its all-time high market crown. original pre-exploit holders were diluted by approximately 3–3.5x.

Post Launch Burns
1530 BNB ( $ 459,000~ ) will be paired with an extra 221K BOG as a liquidity hike, this LP will be staked and the yield will be burnt, further reducing supply.
2. 1530 BNB ( $ 459,000~ ) will be used to buy-back and burn BOG, on a schedule of ~109 BNB per day for the two weeks following launch. further burns will be announced after this menstruation and we will use our chopine fees to buy-back and burn extra BOG.

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The Marketing We have had incredible matter to in the relaunch of BOG, with our telegram explode to about 25,000 members. In terms of market, we have activated a massive streamer on the charts platform which is being seen by hundreds of thousands of people per day — inviting them to the relaunch of $ BOG.

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In addition, we will be activating marketing with a diverseness of partners pre and post-launch.

Post-launch Project Plan

  • Migrate sniper to use new BOG token for priorities.
  • Migrate stop-losses to use new BOG token for minimum holding.
  • Release limit orders v2 with BUSD and Pancake v2 & Apeswap support along with payment in the new BOG token.

Medium-Long term roadmap:
– Bogged.Finance “ Pro Mode ” — integrated trade, restrict orders, diaphragm losses and chart interface
– scheduler oracles
– Embeddable BogCharts
– Cross-chain exhaust on MATIC with BOG bridge
View more at hypertext transfer protocol : //

Pre Exploit Holders & Post Exploit Purchasers Information People who purchased BOG anterior to 11:01 AM on May 22 may be eligible for the $ BOG airdrop, which will transfer value of BOG and LP over to the newfangled contract for eligible wallet addresses. You can check and claim at hypertext transfer protocol : // Solo Staking & LP Staking People who purchased BOG anterior to the feat will be able to access Solo Staking, allowing them a plowshare in the 2 % fee as LP tokens. All holders are able to access LP venture, where users pair BNB and BOG as LP in Pancakeswap V2 earn a share in the 3 % fee as BOG tokens. You can stake at hypertext transfer protocol : //

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Full Relaunch schedule Sunday 30/05/21 9PM UTC
All airdrop disputes must be submitted by this time. Check your airdrop at Monday 31/05/21 9PM UTC
Pre-launch airdrop claims will be available from this time on Bogged.Finance
Users may besides post their claim BOG and/or LP on — foster instructions will be announced closer to the time. Tuesday 01/06/21 9PM UTC
Launch. Liquidity will be added and $ BOG will be available to trade. Airdrop claims will be available indefinitely if you are unavailable to claim during the pre-launch period.

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We hope you will join us for the relaunch of $ BOG, if you have any questions don ’ triiodothyronine be afraid to tag @ bogtools on Twitter or join us on telegram. announcement : hypertext transfer protocol : //
Telegram Chat : hypertext transfer protocol : //
chirrup : hypertext transfer protocol : //

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