The Coin Analyst: US Mint Official Discusses Recent Sellouts, Enrollments, and Increased Demand

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By Louis Golino, special to CoinWeek … ..
about every year, the United States Mint releases certain products that sell out cursorily, specially if they have limited mintages and are high-demand items like the special American Silver Eagles issued since 2006 .
But this has been an unusual year — even compared to 2021, which saw a much higher-than-usual count of sellouts largely due to the rollout of the modern reverses for american english Silver and Gold Eagles and the release of newly Morgan and Peace silver dollars.

Reading: The Coin Analyst: US Mint Official Discusses Recent Sellouts, Enrollments, and Increased Demand

This year, it seems about every product is selling out promptly, from the silver military medals, the 2022-W Proof Silver Eagle, and about every Proof interpretation of the American Gold Eagle ( the tenth-ounce Proof is on backorder ), to products that do not normally sell out at all, let entirely quickly, such as the quarter dollar and dollar products, including bankroll sets and bags .
furthermore, most of the American Women Quarters products sold out during the period when customers could enroll to receive them – something we have never seen before .

Coin Analyst Inquiry to the Mint

Your columnist recently contacted the Mint to request some clearing about this position, sending officials there these questions :
“ There have been a batch of urge reports and announcements from the Mint in late months of U.S. Mint coins selling out sooner than expected, including but not limited to coins that sold out with enrollments in advance of their regular unblock. ”
“ While I am aware of the issue of flatware planchet provision problems american samoa well as the heighten demand for valued metals, some of these sellouts have left many collectors wondering why the mint is ineffective to produce more coins. That is particularly the lawsuit for programs like the invest american Women Quarters rolls, bags, and sets since there is not, adenine far as I am aware, a deficit of copper and nickel. possibly the return there is the need to try to meet the higher requirement for circulation neologism at a time when your mint facilities are still impacted by COVID ? ”
“ Can the Mint provide some further details on what is causing so many sellouts this year ; why many product limits such as for the quarters were set so depleted, specially for a new series that is probable to generate greater interest ; and why it is not potential to produce more clad quarters if the demand is there as it appears to be ? ”

Briefing with Kirk Gillis

To address my questions, the Mint arranged a briefing with Kirk Gillis, Deputy Associate Director for Sales and Marketing, which occurred on April 26. Mr. Gillis has two decades ’ experience working in marketing, business development, and e-commerce, including 12 years as a digital entrepreneur .
He began by discussing the late spike heel in demand for Mint products, which he said was “ intelligibly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and which has had increased demand for many discretionary spend products across the board, not precisely coins. ” He added that while it is arduous to quantify, “ the passing of the new eagle reverses and the Morgan and Peace dollars in 2021 have had a rejuvenating impression on numismatic coins in general. ”
I asked if he could elaborate on the sources of the increased demand and what function COVID played, adding that the number of coin collectors overall is believed to have grown because collectors had more time and sometimes more money for hobbies during the pandemic. Gillis replied that he agreed with that assessment as a meaning lend factor, but that he personally believed the primary gene was “ invention in the product portfolio of 2020 and 2021. ”
United States Mint He added that he believes that the Morgan and Peace dollars were particularly significant because they brought in lots of preexistent Morgan and Peace collectors who normally only collect older american english coins. overall across all products, in 2021 the USM added 166,217 new customers ( those who had never bought from the Mint before ). Until barely a few years ago, the U.S. Mint ’ s numismatic customer base had been slowly but steadily declining .
I followed up by mentioning that when some collectors hear such numbers on new customers, they ask how many customers the Mint lost that year. Mr. Gillis said it is not possible to quantify that since not all customers make purchases every year, which is why the Mint alternatively measures the overall size of the customer basis each year. There will constantly be customer churn, and so retentive as customer growth exceeds losses, your base will grow .
He went on to explain that “ the Mint ’ randomness intersection planning bicycle is approximately two years out, making it very difficult to respond to changing conditions such as the affect of the Morgan and Peace dollars and newly eagles, ” adding that although the Mint expected these products to do quite well, performance hush outpaced expectations .

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Shift in Marketing

Another recent variety at the Mint is related to commercialize and which kind of customers the Mint is targeting in its commercialize. Mr. Gillis noted that in the past the Mint “ focused more on the effect or avid collector, and less on customer acquisition. ”

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recently, the Mint has focused much more on customer acquisition efforts, particularly in paid advertise, while the core collector audience is being more efficaciously nurtured through owned channels such as e-mail and social media. As for the holocene high count of sellouts, including for the american Women Quarters – Gillis said that the U.S. Mint had conducted commercialize research of both existing customers and the general public, and demand was expected to remain relatively apartment with the final years of the America the Beautiful Quarters program .
But then there was “ a arrant storm of good things, ” starting with developments such as Oprah Winfrey and many other influencers and media outlets celebrating the launch of the 2022 Maya Angelou quarter. This, combined with a different commercialize approach designed to engage women in the product has caused demand to greatly exceed expectations .
According to Gillis, unlike previous quarter programs where advertising focused more on ‘ collecting the coins, ’ “ the Mint advertised AWQ as an opportunity for character models to engage the young women in their lives in the stories of these trailblazing american women and what they represent. Combined with incredible media and influencer coverage, intersection sales blew away expected demand. All that publicity created widespread awareness of the platform, which greatly enhanced pay advertise performance, and enabled the USM to engage a set of women as first-time customers .

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Mr. Gillis mentioned the web site and software bot issues the Mint has encountered. Because inventory must be reserved consecutive, it is highly difficult to deal with massive pulses in coincident need with coincident web sessions that rival the most sought television game releases and limited-edition architect sneakers. First, the Mint successfully blocked the bots and stabilized the e-commerce feel on the locate .
But the long-run solution is more than just adding technical capacitance. It is about having the ability to produce add sufficient to meet need and to enable mechanisms that normalize demand over a longer period of prison term and avoid funneling all that necessitate into a 20-minute drop window .
On the add side, the Mint ’ s procurement team continues to work diligently to resolve the ash grey blank supply publish. The problem is particularly challenge due to the Mint ’ s quality standards that very few suppliers are able to meet. Although Gillis couldn ’ thymine confirm anything specific at this time, he said meaningful build up is being made .
In regards to normalizing requirement over a longer period of time, “ this is where the push towards enrollments comes into playing period, ” he said. The Mint conducted meaning communications across all channels to ensure customers understood that enrollments are the only way to guarantee they get an annual installation of their darling products, that they can cancel their registration at any time, and that enrollments besides provide free embark .
“ Response has been fantastic, ” he said. He added that ascribable to all of the efforts being made, the situation in 2022 has been well more stable and that they expect this swerve to continue for the foreseeable future. He warned, however, that the biennial product planning bicycle will continue to constrain the Mint ’ s ability to react cursorily to changing market conditions .
I asked if it were distillery possible to increase production of the remaining 2022 american Women Quarters, and Mr. Gillis responded that doing therefore would actually have a veto effect on 2023. alternatively, the Mint has decided to focus resources on right-sizing the 2023 american english Women Quarters plan .
I besides brought up the consequence of meditation that many people believe is playing a function in the late sellouts of quarter dollar products that are normally not hot items, at least not since the State quarters. furthermore, if product limits are increased, that might then largely curtail that dowry of the necessitate spike that was driven by speculators who at a sealed point gain they aren ’ metric ton probably to make money on those products in the future, which would then lead to a considerable decrease in sales if indeed meditation is a large component of the demand .
Mr. Gillis noted that the Mint did not see a lot of tell that meditation played a meaningful function in the AWQ sellout, but that it is clear that speculation played a significant function in the american Eagle and Morgan and Peace silver dollar programs. “ ampere long as a product is priced for importantly less than what the market will bear, ” there will be meaningful incentives for guess. In many ways that speculation is good for demand ( and for numismatics overall ), and the Mint pays a lot of attention to this return. While raising prices would surely dampen speculation, it would have a meaning negative shock on the Mint ’ s ability to broadly engage the American public and ‘ connect America through coins ’. To address these issues the Mint is in the process of initiating studies of the secondary market, with the purpose of identifying opportunities to achieve a mutually beneficial balance between direct-to-consumer and secondary market activity .
* * *

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Lou GolinoLouis Golino is an award-winning numismatic diarist and writer, specializing primarily in modern U.S. and world coins. His exploit has appeared in CoinWeek since 2011. He besides presently writes regular features for Coin World, The Numismatist, and, and has been published in Numismatic News, COINage, and FUNTopics, among early coin publications. He has besides been widely published on external political, military, and economic issues .
In 2015, his column “ The Coin Analyst ” received an award from the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) for Best Website Column. In 2017, he received an NLG award for Best Article in a Non-Numismatic publication with his piece, “ Liberty Centennial Designs ” .
In October 2018, he received a literary award from the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) for his 2017 article, “ Lady Liberty : America ’ s Enduring Numismatic Motif ” which appeared in The Clarion.

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