Top 5 csa gold coin in 2022

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Below are the best information and knowledge on the subject csa gold coin compiled and compiled by our own team gauday:

1. 1861-D Gold Dollar – Produced by the Confederate States of America


Date Submitted: 10/15/2021 03:20 AM

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Summary: Every day, we spend and some times collect coins which help us relive American history. Decades ago, it was still possible to collect significant treasures from circulating coins. Over one hundred years ago the 1861-D Gold Dollar also circulated through our monetary system and today this coin is definitely an important part of American history.

Match with the search results: Here is a replica (a COPY) of a $20 Gold Coin reportedly issued by The Confederate States of America. The idea was proposed in 1861 for the coin to be ……. read more

2. 1/4 oz Gold 1861 Confederate Cent Smithsonian “Restrike” Private Issue struck 2011 Gem Proof – Buy & Sell Gold & Silver Wisely in Denver, CO | Rocky Mountain Coin

3. CSA Currency | Museum of American Finance


Date Submitted: 05/07/2019 03:42 AM

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Match with the search results: The 1861-D Gold Dollar is the only regular issue U.S. coin whose entire mintage was produced by the Confederate States of America….. read more

4. Artifacts – The Friends of The Hunley


Date Submitted: 08/22/2019 05:16 AM

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Match with the search results: United States 1861 Confederate States of America CSA $20 Dollars Brass Metal Gold Coin Copy Coins Edeg Plain. 5.0. 7 Orders. store: Factory Coins Store….. read more

5. Robert E. Lee Commemorative Gold Coin


Date Submitted: 07/23/2019 02:35 AM

Average star voting: 4 ⭐ ( 21537 reviews)

Summary: Robert E. Lee was the greatest Confederate hero of the Civil War. This coin is officially endorsed by The National Civil War Museum. The coin is minted in solid 14k gold. Visit us today!

Match with the search results: Genuine CSA one cent and 50 cent coins are worth thousands of US dollars, but there are many counterfeits and cheap imitations. The CSA did not issue any gold ……. read more

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